Customer Service Training

"Yellow hat thinking"
  • Positive thinking
  • Constructive thinking & making things happen
  • Optimism
  • Yellow is for sunshine & brightness
  • Focus on benefits
customer service management

In a climate where so many products and services are similar to each other - where margins are getting tighter and competition more intense - it's impossible to exaggerate the importance of excellent customer service. It is often the only difference between organisations in a competitive market.

Our aim is to help your people understand their role in this critical business function, help them to develop the attitude and knowledge they need to be confident with customers and equip them with a process and the communication skills to identify, meet and beat their customers' expectations... so they can make a real difference to sales, support and customer loyalty.

Great words yes? From our experience, organisations aspire to and from time to time sporadically achieve this. However, sustaining it consistently & routinely & not letting it go stale are more difficult to achieve. Outstanding customer service reflects the whole corporate culture. It is based upon not just the knowledge & skills of the individual, but also upon the way that the organisation as a whole, from top management downwards, pulls in the same direction & presents a clear, positive message to customers. It is about seeing everyone as a customer, instilling the same ethos for internal customers as external ones.

Our approach to this training is energetic, highly participative and great fun. We use techniques such as FISH© to underpin our training and we work with our clients to change the culture rather than just run a training course. This may include being a secret customer to see whether the organisation "walks the talk", so beware!!

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