"Green hat & Blue hat thinking combined"
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  • Alternatives & more alternatives
  • Observation & overview
  • The "Chairperson"

Are you looking for a really exciting, motivating, effective & energising "awayday" for your team? Are you planning a launch event for a key message, product or service you are promoting? Are you looking for people who can take the stress & strain out of organising & running an event like this?

As managers and consultants we have run numerous events of this nature. Our approach is one which combines events management with facilitation & presenting. We know the importance of getting the right balance between a fun event and getting your message across.

We can help you with

  • Logistics
  • Design & Content
  • Facilitation & presenting
  • Entertainment & speakers
  • Evaluation
"A well organised, fun & truly motivational day which brought us all together again after a difficult period for the team" (Learning & Skills Council)

From the detail of selecting the right venue & all the resources & services required such as catering, sound, etc, through to presenting & facilitating the event on the day, we can organise & run the event for you and/or with you.

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