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recruitment retention


Green-Hat provides effective responses to recruitment challenges be it a one-off executive placement or high volume recruitment and selection for the private and public sectors. We also run assessment centres for restructuring organisations. We are able to offer our services in a number of ways as outlined below in any of the following capacities.

  • A completely outsourced service
  • A partially outsourced service
  • Training and ongoing support for internal managers
  • Complete training service for managers so they can be confident in managing this area for themselves

Assessment Centres

A well-designed and well-run assessment or development centre can bring greater objectivity to a company’s selection and development processes. Assessing candidates’ performance and potential across a range of different activities enables a rounded picture of their skills and abilities to be drawn. We use a variety of proven exercises and relevant psychometric and ability tests. We ensure the relevance of the assessment criteria and the skills and judgement of our assessors which are all major influences on securing a successful outcome.

Exit interviews

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential value of exit interviews or leavers' questionnaires as a way of learning how to improve staff retention.

We can either run your exit interviews or train your staff to do so. Gathering the views and opinions of those who have chosen to leave an organisation can provide valuable insights into employees' perceptions of the competitiveness of reward packages, access to training and development opportunities, and the effectiveness of individual managers. Following up on any areas of weakness can lead to improvements in job satisfaction and performance across the company and ultimately help to reduce turnover.

We think carefully about exactly what questions should be asked and give consideration to the timing of the exit interview, who is going to conduct it and how the information is going to be analysed. Finally, we evaluate to ensure that it is delivering useful information and is adding value to the organisation.

Psychometric and Ability Testing

By offering a way for employers to gain a relatively objective source of information on candidates, psychometric testing can be an important tool in reaching recruitment decisions. It can also play a valuable role in assessing an employee's suitability for promotion and in identifying development needs. Tests can measure ability in a range of different areas and provide an insight into employees' personalities and work styles. All of our consultants are qualified in the use of a variety of different tests and procedures.


The ultimate aim of any recruitment process is to bring in good-quality new employees by the most objective, cost-effective and timely means possible.

When choosing which selection methods to use, it is important for a company to strike a balance between gaining a rounded view of the candidate and not using any more procedures than are strictly necessary. We place great emphasis on the initial screening of applicants to filter out unsuitable candidates as early as possible. Followed by interviews. The interview process is structured to be compliant with employment law and best practice as well as your company structure and goals. The recruitment processes is supplemented where required by psychometric tests and a full assessment centre approach.

Induction Programs

One in eight of all new recruits leave in their first six months. While, in some cases, this may be the result of bad recruitment decisions, poorly designed and executed induction processes are also partly to blame. An effective induction process tailored to your business needs is a key element in welcoming, motivating and retaining new joiners.

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