Team Leader / Supervisor Development

"Yellow, Blue & Green hat thinking"
  • Constructive thinking & making things happen
  • New approaches to problems
  • Control of the other hats
team leader development

Our development programmes are very much aimed at potential and recently appointed supervisors and team leaders. They are very practical, highly participative and will equip your next generation of managers & leaders with immediate skills and techniques to apply in the work place.

Our work will enable your people to:

  • Understand their role and key responsibilities
  • Know how to achieve through their team
  • Recognise which styles of leadership to use in different situations
  • Know how to create an environment in which the team can perform well
  • Know how to communicate clearly by actively listening and questioning
  • Handle poor performers and deal with difficult situations
  • Understand the importance or words, tone and body language when communicating
  • Know how to give and take feedback in a competent, skilled way
  • Know how to communicate, monitor and correct standards for optimum conformance and performance
  • Be confident decision makers
  • Confidently perform a variety of informal interviews
  • Improve working practises and make a cost contribution
  • Understand how their role impacts on the bottom line

Our programmes can be supported by action learning sets, individual coaching and includes a blended learning approach. We use accelerated learning techniques in all our work & tailor our programmes to ensure maximum return on investment.

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