Performance Management

"White hat & Blue Hat thinking"
  • Control of the other hats
  • What are the facts
  • Discussion, argument, consensus
  • What happens next?
performance mangement

The term "Performance Management" is often used in two contexts:

  1. A way of maximising performance of an individual, team or organisation
  2. A process for dealing with underperforming individuals (or teams).

Performance Management can also apply to individuals, teams, groups or organisations.

In our experience, most conventional human resource practices intended to help in managing performance often fail to achieve their aims. Why is this? Quite simply, it is usually because the systems are often implemented without a sound understanding of the basic psychological principles and processes that they rest on.

Our approach to Performance Management is to focus on the 3 Ps




We can incorporate Balanced Scorecard methodology & competency based systems into our approach and can provide basic training through to a completely tailored Performance Management regime, including 360 appraisal.

We ensure that performance management does not become bureaucratic or a "paper exercise" but instead that it enhances performance, is pragmatic and a good process and cultural fit within your organisation.

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