Presentation Skills

"Yellow, Blue & Green hat thinking"
  • Yellow is for sunshine & brightness
  • Optimism
  • Difference between constructive & creative
  • Humour & lateral thinking
  • Humour & lateral thinking
  • New ideas & old ideas
  • Control of the other hats
presentation skills

"We had Snakes in Raiders of the Lost Ark
and bugs in Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.
But supposedly man's greatest fear is Public Speaking.
That'll be in our next picture"

Steven Spielberg

The whole subject of presentations is one that evokes considerable interest from everyone in business today. And not just business. People in general recognise that a well presented argument - be it in court, at a planning enquiry or even a place of worship - has a better chance of being well received.

The importance of presentations today is enormous and being excellent does not mean being a formulaic presenter who neither stutters nor blushes nor gabbles. It means someone capable of grabbing our attention.

In our view it's absolutely about discovering your own voice!

There are no consistent rules to being a presenter who excels. It's absolutely about discovering your own voice, your own way of talking, of using visual aids, of pacing yourself. Also there are different types of presentations. Its about horses for courses, doing your homework, knowing your audience. Finally, it's that frisson which leads to a memorable presentation, about striving for that magic fit of substance and style so the latter enhances the former & the former flies into people's brains.

Someone said about being a great presenter: 'You've either got it or you haven't' Wrong! Because if you haven't got it, you can get it; and we can help you get it.

We understand the need for slick, professional and impactful presentations. Our approach explores what makes presentations standout and be memorable. We provide a safe environment on our programmes where you can make mistakes, obtain motivational feedback, hone your skills & discover your own voice.

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