Project Management

"Blue hat, Green hat & White hat thinking"
  • Seeking information
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Generating alternative ideas and solutions
  • Proposals & suggestions
project management

In your organisation what is the main reason why projects fail? Is it poor initial specification? Insufficient "buy-in"? Not enough budget? Not enough time allocated? Incomplete or changing requirements? Lack of sponsorship? Poor completion or sign off?

Project Management is now an essential management skill although few managers are shown effective methods that would ensure consistent success.

We train people to:

  • Master fundamental project management skills, concept and techniques
  • Link project goals and objectives to clear, compelling stake holder needs
  • Understand and use cost/benefit and risk analysis
  • Understand the different methodologies and which to apply when for maximum benefit
  • To make best use of software and information systems
  • Develop critical pathways and work breakdown structures
  • Develop effective communication and reporting
  • Develop robust systems suitable for corporate governance, project control and monitoring systems
  • Set realistic, measurable objectives and insure positive results
  • Effective project ending and sign off

We help individuals and groups to gain experience, techniques and tools that cover the project life cycle. You will learn project management skills through case studies, hands on exercises and experiences that can immediately be applied to your job.

Our approach is consistent the use of other Project Management philosophies such as Six Sigma and Prince 2.

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