Outplacement & Career Change

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outplacement career change

In the modern world of work where nobody has a 'job for life' most people will have to face the prospect of changing their career or direction

All severance situations are different. When companies are restructuring, not all offer outplacement or career change support to those leaving, but it does help soften the blow of redundancy by providing practical help and demonstrating that you appreciate the contribution those who are leaving have made. This in turn makes your ex-employee value him/herself more and shows surviving staff that you have put some thought into the impact restructuring will have on employees and company morale.

We also offer guidance on how to break the bad news and how to lessen the effect on the surviving staff.

We have a flexible approach which means we can provide a range of options, from 1 day group workshops to open planned 1:1 executive support.

For example: one-to-one career coaching, including work history analysis, emotional support, job-search campaign, advice on self-employment (where appropriate), CV production, letter writing and interviewing advice and practice, personal profiling and telephone/online support and advice.

We run participative workshops for people of similar levels these cover information and practice on planning their job-search campaign, researching, CV writing, directly approaching the market and interviewing skills before entering the job market again.

Alternatively some people may prefer to go down the route of becoming self employed and we run a two day workshop covering all aspects of this option.

We also run short participative workshops for 'survivors'. This can be a period of widespread disaffection, uncertainty and loss of productivity. It can be easy to overlook those who have to carry on often alongside colleagues who will be leaving the organisation.

So whatever your requirements whether it is for one person or for hundreds we will have a solution that fits your organisation.

E mail or call for more information and to discuss your requirements.